ŠGD Hercegbosanske Šume d.o.o.

The company now has over 600 full-time employees, and consists of 8 organizational units. Organizational units are the Authority (located in Kupres), nursery Pržine and 6 forest offices on district level located in county cities ( Bosansko Grahovo, Glamoc, Drvar, Kupres, Livno,Tomislavgrad).
At the top of the company is assembly, which consists of 7 members.
After assembly is the Review Board and the Supervisory Board consisting of 5 members.
Management of the company consists of director and two executive directors. The company’s management is located in the headquarters consisting of office of directors, and the following services:

  • Service of internal control
  • Service for exploitation
  • Service of silviculture and forest protection
  • Service for forest management
  • Service for hunting and Ecology
  • Service for development
  • Service for machinery
  • Service for planning and analysis
  • Service for sale
  • Service for procurement
  • Service for finance
  • Service for accounting
  • Service for general, legal and personnel issues

Forest districts: On the head of forest distict is the manager who has three assistants, for general and legal affairs, cultivation and protection of forests and the forest exploitation. Forestry engineers carry out the selection of trees for felling and prepared the detailed designs. They guided people on the ground carry out their tasks and supervise the process of logging and reforestation.

  • Associated Member
  • Total forest area managed by member: 160 377 ha
  • Total number of: employees: 846 people
  • Annual harvest in: 432 000 m3

ŠGD Hercegbosanske Šume d.o.o.
Splitska bb
80320 kupres

Visit www.hbsume.ba

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