State Enterprise Srbijašume

SE “Srbijašume” was established in accordance with the Forest law on 1st October 1991. Total employment number is 3.048. including 577 forestry engineers and 1.237 forestry technicians. Organisational structure: 67 Forest administrations, 17 Forest estates and General directorate.

SE “Srbijašume” is sustainably managing 892.598 ha of forests, that includes silviculture, production of wood assortments and provision of services.

39% of forests are considered as high nature, 11% is high artificial stands and 33% are coppice forests.

Besides forests,”Srbijašume” is managing nurseries, hunting grounds, fishing areas and different types of protected areas.

  • Associated Member
  • Total forest area managed by member: 892 598 ha
  • Total number of: employees: 3 048 people
  • Annual harvest in: 1 564 765 m3

State Enterprise Srbijašume
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 113


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