Spurring INnovations for forest eCosystem sERvices in Europe (SINCERE) is a four-year project funded through the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. From 2018 to 2022, SINCERE will develop novel policies and new business models by connecting knowledge and expertise from practice, science and policy, across Europe and beyond.

An international Learning Architecture facilitates continuous collaborative learning from the project’s innovation actions, located in nine regions in Europe and two international cases in Peru and Russia. Innovations developed through SINCERE are intentionally varying in nature but, as a whole, aim to explore new means to enhance forest ecosystem services in ways that benefit forest owners as well as serving broad societal needs.

SINCERE’s research also contributes to the development of a coordinated European policy framework to maximise the value to society of forest ecosystem services and their sustainable provision.

EUSTAFOR will play a major role in the dissemination of information on the project through our website, our member newsletter, but also through workshops and conferences.  EUSTAFOR will support the implementation of a European-wide survey, to be distributed to members, which is meant to identify interesting cases for forest ecosystem innovations across Europe. In addition, a member meeting will be organized on the subject in order to provide the project organizer with relevant practitioner experiences in the area of ecosystem services.

Members will be invited to attend SINCERE workshops and conferences. EUSTAFOR will be a co-organizer of the final science policy event in Brussels to take place in November 2021.


The SINCERE project ended in March 2022. Read our article presenting all the outputs of the project.


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