European forest sector calls for rapid and positive conclusion of INC

Joint statement by CEPF, Copa-Cogeca, EUSTAFOR, CEPI

We as representatives of the European forest sector like to thank for the very transparent and constructive process and the opportunity to pro-actively participate in the drafting of a pan-European Forest Convention – the first ever forest convention of this kind in the world.

We the resource holders and key actors along the value chain are convinced that this Convention would come at the right time, considering the increasing role that forests and forest products and services will play in future.

However, we are quite disappointed that this decisive process is not coming to a successful end at this stage, due to institutional and legal formal reasons, while most of the substantial issues have been constructively solved.

Therefore, we call on all parties’ commitment to explore rapid solutions in order to successfully present the proposal for the Convention to the Ministers as planned.

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