The new Forest Strategy finally adopted by the Collège

On 20 September 2013 the European Commission adopted the long-awaited Communication on a new EU Forest Strategy developed for forests and the forest based sector. The document is a result of work by the Commission in close cooperation with Member States and stakeholders over the past two years.

The new EU Forest Strategy replaces the existing Forestry Strategy, which dates back to 1998. The Strategy is based on the concept of sustainable forest management and the multifunctional role of forests and, therefore, ensures a coherent and holistic approach to forest management and related policies in the European Union. It is expected to provide a coherent co-ordination framework with other policy areas, such as climate change, renewable energy, biodiversity, resource efficiency and the green economy, etc., in response to the increasing demands put on forests and to significant societal and political changes that have affected forests over the recent years.

The Communication has been submitted to the European Parliament and the Council.

EUSTAFOR will continue to follow this process closely with an aim to have this important dossier adopted as soon as possible.

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