25 years of Czech forest state enterprise – VIDEO

Lesy ČR celebrates its 25 years

Lesy České republiky, s.p. (“Lesy CR”, “LCR”) was founded by Memorandum of Association of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic No. 6677/91-100 of 11 December 1991 as a state enterprise under Act No. 111/1990 on state enterprises. On 12 August 1997, this memorandum was adapted to Act No. 77/1997 on state enterprises, as amended, by Decision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic No. 3217/97- 1000.

LCR plans and carries out forestry work with a view to optimizing all functions of the forests it manages with a view to the demands of the market.

In pursuing this goal, the company applies principles of sustainable forest management, which is a prerequisite for the sustainable production of quality timber, while respecting and developing all other forest functions (especially the non-productive role of forests).

The aim of forestry work planning and implementation is to establish harmony between the need for, creation of and use of the company’s own funds and to seek the most economical use of e ective appropriations from the national budget and other sources. The speci c elements of LCR’s business activities and its organizational structure are constantly adapted to these basic principles.

The organisation takes care of the “only” see of Czech Republic. Check the video:

Published 25/01/2017

Mr. Josef Svoboda

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