EUSTAFOR welcomes new members from Denmark and Wales

EUSTAFOR is delighted to welcome the Danish Nature Agency and Natural Resources Wales to become our members since 2020.

The Danish Nature Agency is an agency under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, which manages tasks in forests, natural areas and along the shores of Denmark. The agency manages the Ministry’s approximately 200,000 hectares of forests and natural areas, to create the greatest possible value for society in terms of good conditions for outdoor recreation, nature protection and efficient operation of the Agency’s forests and other natural areas.

For more information about the Danish Nature Agency, please visit their website.

Natural Resources Wales is the largest Welsh Government sponsored body – employing 1,900 staff across Wales with a budget of £180 million. They are an adviser to the government, industry and other public bodies; regulator of environmental impact; emergency responder to environmental incidents; statutory consultee in the planning system; partner, educator and enabler; and evidence gatherer. They are also a land manager and operator, managing 7% of Wales’ land area including National Nature Reserves, water and flood defences, and the Welsh Government Woodland Estate. They are Wales’ state forestry body as part of being an integrated environmental organisation with the sustainable management of natural resources as their core purpose.

For more information about the Natural Resources Wales, please visit their website.

EUSTAFOR is recognized as a strong and well-coordinated voice of European state forest management organisations at EU and pan-European levels. With our growing network, we believe that together we can strengthen the positive results of the management of state forests as their contribution to society, climate and nature, particularly in terms of achieving Europe’s sustainability strategies.

Published 20/02/2020

Diem Tran

Communications Officer
  • +32 (0) 2 239 23 00

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