Norwegian campaign “Think Wood” – How forests and trees can contribute in the fight against climate changes

Statskog (The Norwegian State Forest) and a large number of companies and organizations have joined forces to show how forest and wood can contribute to the fight against climate changes.

Instead of working alone, we are able to create a much louder voice when we combine our efforts into one campaign. We are very different organizations and companies, but we all have one goal in common: We want to show how the use of forest and wood is part of the solution to the greatest challenge of all times – climate change, says Head of communications in Statskog, Trond Gunnar Skillingstad.

Green carbon future

«Think wood» is a common initiative, aiming at establishing a better understanding among the public, market and authorities on how wood can contribute to sustainable solutions. There are stories about small businesses, like a producer of skies, and about solutions in large industries like agriculture and fish farming.

Important message

With joint forces, we are able to tell more and better stories, and we reach out to different groups in our society through the professional use of digital and social media. There is an overload of information out there. This cooperation makes it possible for us to reach out with the important message, that use of wood is the future, says Skillingstad.

The green shift

The initiative to «Think Wood» was taken by the Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation. All the businesses and organizations in «Think Wood» contribute financially to this industry initiative. There is an important, underlying message.

In order to achieve the green shift, we are dependent on innovation, growth and value creation in businesses and organizations representing renewable solutions. That’s why «Think Wood» is not only an industry initiative but a call for people to choose green – a call for people to choose wood, says project leader from Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation, Ellen Alfsen.

Read more about «Think Wood» here and see examples of their important stories.

You will find below the videos of the campaign:

Published 02/03/2021, Brussels

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