A pilot project which aims to achieve an increased absorption of C02 in forest ecosystems is currently being implemented by the Polish State Forests – Lasy Państwowe – and is resulting in additional activities for forest management

Not only reducing emissions but also increasing absorption of CO2 is a way to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. International agreements under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and most recently the Paris Agreement (2015) have clearly indicated that forests and forestry are among the most effective tools to counteract the negative effects of climate change.

Silvicultural measures to enhance carbon sequestration that go beyond the regular practice within sustainable forest management (SFM) are currently being tested in 23 state forest districts throughout Poland.  The project will continue over the next 30 years during which the results and effectiveness of the introduced measures will be constantly monitored and assessed.

Published 16/11/2018, Brussels

Mr. Pēteris Vīrs

Trainee from Latvian Forest Owners' Association

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