Forestry England calls to contribute to a collective film “Treeline”

Forestry England is developing a new project called “Treeline” and needs your help to collect video or sound recordings from forests and woodlands.

“Treeline” is a collective film that will feature forests from across the world, depicting the unique features of each forest while highlighting the impact of the climate emergency on the world’s forests. You do not need to be a professional cinematographer to contribute.

The film is being commissioned by Forestry England and Film and Video Umbrella. Created by artist Ruth Maclennan, the new work will be presented online, coinciding with COP 26, the UN’s climate change summit being held in November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland.

For further details, please visit this webpage.

To submit your contribution (deadline 10 September 2021), please complete this form.

Published 14/07/2021, Brussels

Ms. Sophie HUGON

Communications Officer

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