National Forest Administration-ROMSILVA has appointed a new General Director

The Board of Directors of National Forest Administration-ROMSILVA has appointed Teodor Tigan, Director of the Arad Forest Directorate, as General Director with a provisional mandate, for a period of four months.

Teodor Tigan, who is 62, graduated from the Timisoara Forestry Technical High school and Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering from Brasov. He was a forest engineer responsible for the activities related to forest management in the Arad Forest Directorate until 2003 and, later, head of the Iuliu Moldovan Forest District, until 2007. For the last 13 years, he held the position of Director of the Arad Forest Directorate.

National Forest Administration-ROMSILVA manages the state forests of Romania, equivalent to approximately 48% of the total forests at national level, and has about 16,500 employees.

More information about National Forest Administration-ROMSILVA is available here.

Published 24/06/2020

Diem Tran

Communications Officer
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