Watch Ospray Nesting Online

The first time ever in Poland, the Polish State Forests have launched a live stream from the osprey nest. The Lipka Forest District of State Forests takes care of one of the few ospreys’ nests in Poland. A pair of those extremely rare species (only about 30 pairs in the whole country) has been nesting for many years on one of the artificial platforms.

A few years ago ospreys moved their nest from a tree to an electricity pylon. During restoration from winter damage a camera was installed near the birds’ nest, which made this live streaming possible. The nest can be also observed during the night thanks to an infrared light invisible to animals.

Watching wild animals online is a part of educational programme of the Polish State Forests. Previously there were live broadcasts showing the life of white-tailed eagle in Kutno and Dobrocin forest districts. Organisers of these campaingn aim not only at allowing people to observe one of the rarest Accipitriformes, but also to explain their role in the environment.

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Published 16/07/2017

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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