We would like to confirm that both the EUSTAFOR General Assembly and
10-Year Anniversary Celebrations
will take place, as planned, in Brussels
5-6 April 2016

One of the main concerns for participants remains transportation.

The Zaventem airport is in the process of setting up a temporary terminal. Even if this temporary terminal goes into operation by the end of this week, the airport will not be able to handle all of its regular traffic. Many flights have been rerouted to other regional airports (many to Charleroi/Brussels South with easy shuttle service to the Midi train station in Brussels) and other nearby cities (Amsterdam, Paris) with rapid train connections to Brussels. Please chec

k with your airlines to see what has been proposed for your flight.

Most of the train stations in Brussels are open to traffic, but passengers can enter and exit stations through only one entry point.

The metro is offering limited services, but all tram and bus lines in Brussels are up and running.

We Look Forward To Seeing You At Our Events!

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Published 29/03/2016, Brussels

Mr. Piotr Borkowski

Executive Director

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